Honour partners: physical or juridical people prominent in the renewable energies sector or energetic sustainability and with recognised prestige.

They will be Founder partners those physical or juridical people that appear in the constitutive act of the Cluster.

They will be Partner of nuumber those companies or entities that adhere to the Cluster subsequently the cellebration of the Foundational Assembly, admittedfor fulfilling the statuary ends. To adhere to the Cluster and keep the condition of partner of number will have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Tener al menos una facturación del 30% relacionado con el sector de las energías renovables y sostenibilidad energética.
  • Social headquarters or a productive centre in the Galician Autonomous Community

They will have the condition of Associated those physical or juridical people, specially companies, that do not fit in the groups mentioned before, but realise activities related with the sector of the renewable energies and energetic sustainability or pretend to realise them.

They will have the condition of Collaborator partner any physical or juridical person that can collaborate in the fulfillment of the statutory ends and have relation with the activities of the cluster, especially public or private organisms non-profit.

Founder partners