Performance lines

Strategic areas

  • Cooperation between companies, acting as a facilitator and stimulating to the companies to consolidate this cooperation, linking, even, of an active form in the realisation of join projects.

  • Investigation, development and innovation from the products and services of the sector and of those that integrate the object of the participants of this cluster.

  • Training from the human resources, like the main road for improvement and optimisation of the training and own knowledge related with the sector and with the technological elements that integrate it and that integrate each company.

  • Impulse to the competitiveness from the participant companies, as well as contribute to the circulation and creation of the knowledge between said companies, conscious of the big trascendence that the renewable energies, mainly the aeolian, it has had and it has in Galicia and in all his fields: development, manufacture, implantation and finally maintenance and operation of the productive installations.

Permanent actions

Promotion of Consortiums:

One of the key lines for the consolidation and the fulfillment of the objectives fixed in the constitution of the cluster is the promotion of specific consortiums between companies and other entities that allow the opening of new business lines, reach new market gaps and in definite take advantege of all the potential of our companies.