How associate

Who can participate in Cluergal

Cluergal is an open organism to the participation; the members according to his tipology, will place by activity in the following groups:

  • Group A: Manufacturer of Components of energetic equipments or energetic sustainability.
  • Group B: Service companies, as they can be transport companies, of cranes, engineerings, of technological developments, installers, maintenance, operators, etc.
  • Group C: Technologists.
  • Group D: Energy distributors.
  • Group E: Promoters of energetic installations.
  • Group F: Public Administrations
  • Group G: Universities and Investigation Centers
  • Group H: others, such as , Associations, Foundations, Proffesional Schools

Requirements to be member

To get the condition of member, will have to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Request by writing to the Board of directors his entry.
  • Satisfy the quota of entrance in the amount and the form that establish the General Assembly.
  • Recibir la notificación de la Junta Directiva aprobando su incorporación al Clúster que deberá resolver por escrito y de forma motivada en un plazo máximo de tres meses.
  • Provide the necessary supporting documentation.